The easiest way to format your abstract is to replace the text in the abstract template, which can be downloaded from the homepage, with your own text!
If needed the detailed formatting information can be found here:
The abstract should be written in MS Word format (.doc, .docx or .rtf). Font: Arial 10, single line spacing, A4 paper, justified.



Deadline for abstract submission is extended to January 19th 2018



Title: left-aligned, bold, first word starting with a capital letter. Preferably less than 15 words in length and two lines maximum.
Author(s): bold italic. First names followed by last (family) names. Middle names should be included as initials. Separate authors with comma, last two authors separate using “and”. Multiple author institutions should be indicated with sequent superscripted number for each name corresponding to the author affiliation below. The presenting author must be underlined.

Affiliations: Institute, University, Town, Country.



The abstract must reflect the content of the presentation.


REFERENCES, if essential, should be within the text as follows:

Article: (Wasteson et al. 2017, Food Microbiology 14, 342-348)

Left parenthesis followed by the last name of the first author followed by et al. (if necessary) followed by the year of publication followed by comma followed by the (abbreviated) name of the journal and the issue number followed by comma and the pages separated by hyphen followed by right parenthesis.

Book: (Gudding, Lillehaug and Evensen 2014, Fish Vaccination)

Parenthesis followed by the last name of the first author followed by et al. (if necessary) followed by year of publication followed by comma followed by book title and parenthesis.

Take care not to use I (cap i) or l (ell) for 1 (one), O (capital o) for 0 (zero).

Figures and tables are not allowed in the abstract.



300 words max. All representative text is to be counted (text except title, authors and authors’ affiliations). Abstracts that are longer than 300 words, will not be accepted.



Units, symbols and abbreviations should conform to the International System of Units. Morphological names should be given according to last editions of NAV, NH, NEV and NAA. International Codes of Botanical Nomenclature, of Nomenclature of Bacteria and of Zoological Nomenclature should be used for respectively biological names.

PRESENTATION: preferably oral/poster

Please indicate which form of presentation you prefer. Please be aware, that the final decision will be made solely by the Scientific Committee and will depend on the quality of abstract/research as well as on the number of abstracts submitted.

Download Abstract template I

The abstract should be titled wahvm-2018-surname.doc and sent to Yngvild.Wasteson@nmbu.no

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